New book: 25 years of progress in ophthalmology

8 November 2018

A new book sums up the development, challenges and achievements of ophthalmology.

An editorial group from the Danish Ophthalmological Society, all previous ophthalmologists, has published an anthology about the development of ophthalmology over the past 25 years.

The anthology is funded and initiated by VELUX FONDEN.

Active senior citizens and ophthalmology have long been priority funding areas of the foundation – as the founder of the foundation Villum Kann Rasmussen (1909-1993) was concerned with the importance of maintaining a good vision throughout life and staying active while aging.

Over the years, the foundation has funded many active senior citizens who organise activities that benefit society as well as a broad range of ophthalmology projects, including basic lab research, epidemiological studies and clinical studies.

The achievements and challenges of ophthalmology

The 21 chapters of the book contain 35 ophthalmologists’ accounts of the evolution of ophthalmology in modern times.

The development of ophthalmology

The book is published by Aalborg Universitetsforlag and can be downloaded for free.

In the first part of the book, the "many faces of ophthalmology", the development of the institutional landscape in Denmark is discussed, over private practice across hospitals to associations and the efforts of Danish ophthalmologists in developing countries.

In the second part, "when the vision is threatened: the diseases of the eye", the progress is outlined along with the latest medical fronts in the treatment of eye diseases.

Overall, the book provides an insight into the achievements and challenges of ophthalmology in the early 21st century.

"With this book, describing the evolution of ophthalmology over the past 25 years, we hope that the reader will get a sense of the evolution of ophthalmology as well as a sense of how the previous efforts can help us push forward," says Ane Hendriksen, executive director of VELUX FONDEN.

Senior citizens are key contributors to community life

Clinical eye care needs researchers in the short and long term

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