20 young researchers will receive grants that will boost their research careers

In 2016, a number of talented young researchers will receive grants for research in ecosystems, large volumes of data, convective precipitation, nanoparticles, food chains, neutrinos and much more…

The 20 young researchers come from five Danish universities and VILLUM FONDEN´s Young Investigator Programme will grant the young researchers a total of DKK 119 million. This will give their research a boost and create more positions for researchers.

In 2016, 20 researchers under 40 years receive up to DKK 7 million each for their scientific and technical research within mathematics, chemistry, molecular biology, physics, astronomy and plant sciences. The research will take place at the University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark, Aarhus University, University of Southern Denmark and the IT University of Copenhagen.

Each year, VILLUM FONDEN´s Young Investigator programme grants a number of large amounts for young researchers at Danish universities to boost their research careers. The programme was established in 2011 to target funds at the younger - Danish as well as foreign - research talents who often stand in the shadow of the more well-known and well-established researchers.

The funds create jobs

Virtually all projects involve the recruitment of additional researchers (postdocs and PhDs) to implement the project, which will typically run for 3-5 years.

The recent grants have resulted in a tenured position within their research area for several of the young scientists. They have established research groups and they have been able to attract additional research funding from e.g. the EU.


The young researchers and their projects