KNOWLEDGE: We will compile and share reliable data about how to improve science education and recruitment.

In order for VILLUM FONDEN to attain our goal of building young people’s science capital, we will focus on three main areas: education, free time and careers. We will amplify the impact of our efforts by sharing what we learn.

Informing educators and our society about the most effective ways to motivate children and young people to learn about science is valuable in and of itself. For VILLUM FONDEN it is important that we know whether we have met the goals of this funding area, as well as which projects proved effective.

  • Compiling reliable data that can be used to follow the development of students’ interest and motivation to learn about science and technology, as well as their overall science capital.
  • Evaluation of all funded projects.
  • Best-practice sharing.

We are currently not accepting applications for funding for projects related to this goal.

Children, youth and science

VILLUM FONDEN’s funding for children, youth and science has one main goal: building their science capital.