VILLUM FONDEN’s funding for children, youth and science has one main goal: building their science capital.

Science capital =

Science-related knowledge and skills

+ an understanding of the significance of science and technology for the development of society

+ science-positive values and attitudes

+ exposure to science at home, when together with peers and during non-school activities

Developments in science and technology take place at a dizzying pace, and these developments give rise to a host of questions about the future of our society.

VILLUM FONDEN would like to ensure that coming generations have learned to ask how nature, technology and humanity can co-exist – and how to address the ethical questions this brings about.

In order to be able to do this, children need to learn about science and scientific method. They need to learn about the benefits of science and technology to society. And they need to be curious and inquisitive enough to ask how science and technology can help address the issues we face.

Four focus areas 

EDUCATION: Students should be exposed to evidence-based, hands-on, societally relevant teaching.

FREE TIME: Students and their families should be able to take part in inspiring science-related non-school activities close to where they live.

CAREERS: Young people should consider science and technology to be an attractive career opportunity.

KNOWLEDGE: We will compile and share reliable data about how to improve science education and recruitment.

We only accept applications from projects based in Denmark. Please visit our Danish website for more information.

Selected projects

VILLUM FONDEN has funded a number of projects that, in their own way, have all contributed to stimulating young people’s interest in science.

Funding for the voluntary work of Coding Pirates

Projects to encourage interest in natural science 

In December 2017, a total of DKK 12m was granted to four projects that will launch several different activities. 

Engineering in schools

A project that will bring engineering into primary school education and help more children and young people achieve technological and scientific insights as part of their general education.


The LEAPS project will be partnering with four local authorities over a period of six years to design an engaging learning method in which science is integrated into all school subjects, while the teaching is project-based and based on applied science. 

Science & Engineering

The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences, an independent think-tank, has initiated an ambitious project to direct focus at the significance of science and engineering as the foundation for prosperity in Denmark. 

Big Bang

Big Bang is Denmark's largest science and technology conference and trade fair for everyone who teaches, communicates or conducts research in the technical and natural sciences in primary school, youth education programmes and in further education.

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