Programmes and funds to apply for now

We continually launch calls and invitations with a limited application period. Get an overview of our open calls below.

Apply all year round: Some grant areas can be applied for all year with no deadlines. This applies e.g. to the grant areas 'Active senior citizens' and 'Environment'. Check the menu option 'We support' to see which grant areas that receive applications and expressions of interest with no application deadline.



Senior citizens and medicine

Research projects that can help to reduce undesirable use of medicine among the elderly as well as the associated dilemmas.

Deadline: 29 August 2018 at 13.00


Museums Programme

Museums in Denmark can submit ideas for projects that can strengthen and develop dissemination at Danish museums.

Deadline: 9 October 2018 at 13.00

Core-group Programme

VELUX FONDEN does not accept unsolicited applications for this programme; applications may be submitted at the invitation of VELUX FONDEN via the institution's head of department.

Deadline: 3 December 2018 at 13.00

Social projects in Denmark

Projects focusing on citizens in a socially vulnerable position

Deadlines: 15 June, 12 September and 29 October 2018 at 13.00

Technical and natural sciences 

VILLUM Investigator

For the experienced and highly acknowledged researchers within the technical and natural sciences.

Deadline: 5 September 2018 at 13.00


Scholarship for medical students

Deadlines: 18 April and 5 September at 13.00