The foundations rarely make grants for less than DKK 500,000, and grants are normally not made to projects that are strictly local in scope.

Please note that 'social projects in Central- and Eastern Europe' follow special guidelines, that will be clarified during the application proces.

The foundations generally do not make grants to regular operations or administration of institutions (including research institutes, childcare facilities, playgrounds, schools, community centres, cultural centres, elder centres and hospices) or organisations (including associations and clubs). Grants may only be used towards administration of individual projects.

The foundations only rarely approve applications for partial funding. Likewise, projects seeking funding from multiple sources are unlikely to be awarded a grant.

As a rule of thumb, the foundations do not make grants for:

  • PhD studies and buyout payments for researchers employed at universities
  • health and veterinary research except for research in ophthalmology and gerontology
  • commercially oriented research
  • ongoing research
  • travel expenses
  • organisation of or participation in conferences, workshops, seminars and the like
  • theatrical performances, concerts or similar events
  • construction or renovation projects for private property
  • sponsorships.

Please be aware:
One exception to this guideline is in the Active Senior Citizens area, which may be small-scale, local projects.