Outreach is a key part of our new cross-disciplinary initiative Algorithms, Data and Democracy

As part of the cross-disciplinary initiative Algorithms, Data and Democracy, VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN have earmarked DKK 20 million for an outreach and public engagement component to create strong links between the researchers and society at large. This will disseminate research findings to the general public, and channel their ideas and experiences back to the researchers. In this way, the research will make a difference in society.

The project's outreach component will bring together the research component with a widely ranging high-visibility dissemination and policy component designed to engage citizens, public- and private-sector decision-makers, civil society organisations, IT professionals and other stakeholders.

The outreach component also includes a designated Knowledge Broker to bridge and mediate between the research team and decision makers in public policy.

VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN have appointed Lisbeth Knudsen to coordinate the outreach component and David Budtz Pedersen as Knowledge Broker.

A background document by Lisbeth Knudsen and David Budtz Pedersen describing their thoughts on the outreach-part of the initiative can be downloaded here.

Download the background document here


Lisbeth Knudsen is Editor-in-Chief at the media company Mandag Morgen/Altinget and the Think Tank Mandag Morgen. She has long experience from leading positions as executive news director, editor-in chief and CEO in the biggest companies of the Danish media industry and as chairman and member of boards in both culture and educational institutions as well as industry. She is chairman of The Danish Management Society (VL) and Honorary Professor at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS). She is active in several advisory boards dealing with digital transformation, digital management and lifelong learning. She is chairman of the Danish Democracy Commission and leading the development of democracy projects with new forms of citizen participation.

David Budtz Pedersen is Professor mso of Science Communication and Impact Studies at Department of Communication & Psychology, Aalborg University Copenhagen, and Head of Research at Humanomics Research Centre. His research focuses on science communication, impact assessment, science and technology policy. He is leading several large-scale research projects on research assessment and is the Chair of the EU Commission COST Expert Group on Science Communication. Alongside his research, David has an international public presence with outreach activities in science policy, speaking frequently on the topics of Science Advice, Impact Assessment and Evidence-Based Policy-Making. Read more about Davids research here