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The Boligbyggeri fra 4 til 1 Planet initiative has a great challenge and an opportunity for financial support for Denmark’s most progressive contractors and developers. Contractors who will help set new standards for the climate footprint of the building sector.
Reduce the climate footprint of new housing construction in Denmark by 75 per cent. That is the ambitious goal of the Boligbyggeri fra 4 til 1 Planet initiative. The initiative has just selected six ideas for climate-friendly architecture and five ideas for climate-friendly materials. Now it is time for large-scale testing of the architecture and materials.
VELUX FONDEN supports the development of new initiatives that focus on preventing and reducing mental health problems. Seven projects will receive a total of DKK 23.6 million to develop and test new methods and interactions between initiatives in the social sector.
The intersection of subject areas can provide the foundation for important new knowledge. 30 researchers are receiving grants totalling DKK 57 million from VILLUM FONDEN for 15 data-driven interdisciplinary research projects.
The big, the small and the really quirky research questions. You can find it all on the list of technical and natural science research projects receiving this year's Experiment Programme grants.
In collaboration with Universities Denmark, VILLUM FONDEN supports the scholarship program Scholars at Risk Ukraine (SARU). The programme is aimed at Ukrainian researchers affected by the war.

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