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A new VILLUM FONDEN programme aims to support the advancement of talented postdoc women in international research careers.
More research and knowledge are needed if society is to prevent the elderly population from being overprescribed, and even misprescribed, medicines.
VILLUM FONDEN introduces grants for interdisciplinary data-driven research.
A diverse group of researchers - from doctors and pharmacists to ethnologists – were invited to share knowledge at a workshop on a sunny afternoon in May.
VILLUM FONDEN, Danish National Research Foundation, Carlsberg Foundation, Lundbeck Foundation and Novo Nordisk Foundation grant a total of 1 billion DKK for basic research aimed at solving major societal challenges .
11 new Villum Investigators were celebrated 2 May 2019. They each received as much as DKK 40m for their research over the next 6 years.