Latest news

VILLUM Experiment supports 53 bold ideas for research in the technical and natural sciences with a total amount of DKK 100 million.
A group of active senior citizens has raised awareness of bees to a new level with an exhibition on beekeeping on Langeland. VELUX FONDEN has funded the project - including the photo shoots.
Coding Pirates is launching a 3-year project that will strengthen and foster volunteerism across the country and ensure accession of new volunteers to the association. VILLUM FONDEN has granted DKK 3.9 million for the project.
VELUX FONDEN has granted six concrete analysis projects to contribute to more solid knowledge for the management of the Danish marine environment.
VELUX FONDEN has granted DKK 4.6 million to support five local project across the country that will protect the coastline, ensure a healthier marine environment and create awareness of the life below the surface of the sea.
Erik Michael Darre has been elected new member of the board of VELUX FONDEN. He is a surgeon general, former Chief of the Danish Defence Health Service and a specialist in orthopedic surgery.