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In the coming years, many thousands of children and young people will have amazing opportunities for hacking, inventing, testing and designing in advanced workshops aimed at boosting their technology literacy and digital skills.
Depressing climate news fills the news: tennis ball-sized hail, cloudbursts and floods. As a reader, you feel paralysed, but can climate journalism be critical and constructive at the same time? One of five new research projects will investigate this.
With knowledge, research and business acumen, Niels Thorup Madsen, Jens Jacob Porsmose and Lars Bo Ibsen are setting new standards for screw pile foundations that can make it far easier, faster and cheaper for the construction industry to reduce tonnes of CO2.
For many years, research environments in the fields of technical and natural sciences have been facing the challenge of attracting and retaining female researchers. However, a significant development is now underway as 123 university environments specializing in STEM subjects have come together in collaboration with VILLUM FONDEN, the Novo Nordisk Foundation, and the strategic innovation agency IS IT A BIRD. Their collective objective is to implement a targeted initiative aimed at enhancing diversity.
Some days are just better than others. And for eight female scientists that is likely to have been the feeling when they were told about their postdoc grant from Villum Fonden.
Although solutions to major challenges usually require cross-disciplinary collaboration, researchers seldom cross disciplinary boundaries in their research. The Synergy programme, however, allows for that.

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