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25 years of progress in ophthalmology
VILLUM FONDEN held a workshop for academics in October. The target group was the researchers who had received a VILLUM Experiment grant in 2017 or 2018.
Six research projects from three Danish universities have received a total of 33 million DKK from VELUX FONDEN's core-group programme for research in the humanities
Professor Jens Nørskov receives the prestigious Niels Bohr International Gold Medal. He is a Villum Kann Rasmussen professor and director of the new Catalysis Theory Center at DTU.
VILLUM Experiment supports 53 bold ideas for research in the technical and natural sciences with a total amount of DKK 100 million.
A group of active senior citizens has raised awareness of bees to a new level with an exhibition on beekeeping on Langeland. VELUX FONDEN has funded the project - including the photo shoots.