Nyt glastag over Cour de l’Intendant i Hôtel de la Marine i Paris

On Friday 30 November, THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS and the “Centre des Monuments Nationaux” signed a patronage agreement worth €800,000 to install a glass roof designed by architect Hugh Dutton over the Cour de l’Intendant inside the Hôtel de la Marine in the Place de la Concorde, Paris. This is the next step in THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS long-term commitment to support the restoration of France’s heritage by bringing natural light into some of the nation’s historic buildings.

Bringing natural light into a major French cultural venue

THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS is to be the sole patron for the creation of the glass roof which will turn the Cour de l’Intendant into an interior space of more than 300m2 inside the redeveloped Hôtel de la Marine. Hugh Dutton’s unique design, like a chandelier or a diamond, uses reflected natural light to illuminate the space and showcases the architecture of Ange-Jacques Gabriel.

The work of building the glass roof for the Centre des Monuments Nationaux will take place in the first half of 2019.

Project to open the Hôtel de la Marine to the public

In 2017, the Centre des Monuments Nationaux, which took over responsibility for the Hôtel de la Marine when the French Navy moved out in December 2015, launched a major restoration and redevelopment program at the end of which, in Spring 2020, the majority of this prestigious monument will be open to the public.

The Hôtel de la Marine will be both a tourist attraction with several different tours and a full program of events, and a cultural center with a bookshop, shops, a restaurant, café and tearooms. The Cour de l’Intendant will be an area for welcoming, orientating and conducting presentations for visitors, located in between the public main courtyard with its services and the grand interior spaces with their cultural offering.

The clear glass roof designed by Hugh Dutton & Associés will cover the Cour de l’Intendant between the second and third floors. The latter was added in the 19th century and the glass roof will recreate the courtyard’s initial volumes.

Creating a sustainable, light-filled space in the Cour de l’Intendant

After having funded the restoration of the stained-glass windows in the Sainte-Chapelle in 2015 and that of the glass roof of the Rotonde d’Antin in the Grand Palais in 2016, THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS is pursuing and expanding the private patronage initiative begun almost 20 years ago to bring natural light into French heritage buildings. The glass roof in the Hôtel de la Marine will enable the public to circulate in a contemporary space that fulfils the necessary criteria in terms of well-being and durability.

 “In France, THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS is pursuing its commitment to support exceptional projects that recreate an environment of natural light with a view to preserving unique sites and give them a new lease of life. We are proud to help so visitors can enjoy this new French heritage venue”, says Jens Kann-Rasmussen, Chairman of VILLUM FONDEN, one of THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS.

Patronage that contributes to the innovative economic model introduced by the CMN

Philippe Bélaval, President of Centre des Monuments Nationaux, “The CMN is delighted to have the support of THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS for its project to open up the Hôtel de la Marine to the public. This patronage initiative is helping to fund the restoration and redevelopment of a new cultural venue, and strengthening the innovative economic model that has made this ambitious project possible with just €10 million in public grants. Following the fantastic support for the restoration of the Sainte-Chapelle stained-glass windows, in partnership with the CMN, this new gesture is a testament to the commitment of THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS to preserve and showcase our national heritage.”