VELUX FONDEN aims to promote cooperation between research in the humanities and practice within its social projects, gerontology or environment programmes. 

The "human factor" is crucial in accounting for the root causes of, and providing potential solutions to, the major societal challenges. 

The ideas behind VELUX FONDEN´s interdisciplinary programme

Focusing on research in the humanities VELUX FONDEN will seek to promote equal collaborations between researchers and partners within its social projects, gerontology or environment programmes, which are all important funding areas in the foundation's non-profit, private charitable work. 

In connection with project description and implementation, professionals from practice will be able to contribute with insight into urgent and difficult issues, conditions of everyday life and the systemic and organisational possibilities and barriers within the areas of social projects, gerontology and environment. Researchers within the humanities will be able to contribute research-based development of a more profound and extensive insight into the challenges which the three programmes are facing and may be able to suggest new realisation and solutions to the benefit of society.

VELUX FONDEN wishes to strengthen this social value and make it visible by grants to interdisciplinary and closely integrated research and development projects. Especially the foundation's wide range of funding areas will enable financial support to collaborations and dissemination of knowledge between various sectors in society to the benefit of individuals and communities.

Please find the current calls here:

There are no current calls. The deadline for the latest calls was 28 March 2017.

In the process surrounding grant allocation, a number of the best letters of interest are invited to submit full applications. For each application, two external peer reviews will be obtained. The grant maximum is EUR 4 million (DKK 30 million). 

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us. We always like to talk about a possible project.

Henrik Tronier
Senior Adviser, Head of programme, VELUX FONDEN
+ 45 29 41 79 07