The purpose of the VILLUM Young Investigators Programme is to fund especially talented up-and-coming researchers in science and technology with ambitions of creating their own, independent research identity. 

VILLUM Young Investigators:

2017 – 16 researchers - DKK 146.2m
2016 – 20 researchers - DKK 119.1m
2015 – 21 researchers - DKK 100.6m
2014 – 20 researchers - DKK 95.4m
2013 – 19 researchers - DKK 93m
2012 – 15 researchers - DKK 75.4m

Since 2012, the VILLUM Young Investigator Programme has been a productive and vital initiative enabling no fewer than 111 early-stage researchers to set up their own first research team based on the ideas they are most passionate about, and thus allowing them to come out of the ‘shadow’ of well-established professors.

For many young investigators, this has led to acclaimed research and thereby improved their career prospects and capacity to attract even more research funding.

The grant amount is DKK 7-10 million, it can be awarded once only, and the timeframe is five years. A large proportion of the funding is spent on salaries for the Danish and foreign PhD and postdoctoral researchers recruited to the research team.

Complete list of VILLUM Young Investigators 2012-2017

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Please note: Application deadline has passed (21 June 2017).  Thanks to the 197 young researchers who have submitted applications. For more information on the process please visit this link.


VILLUM Young Investigators 2017

From the ceremony 23 January 2017. Photo: Simon Knudsen

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