VILLUM Experiment supports unorthodox ideas in their early phase

Some of the novel research ideas which can break new ground in the technical and natural sciences might be excluded by the traditional funding schemes. VILLUM FONDEN launches a new programme to support unorthodox ideas in their early phase.

Many research funding schemes welcome original and bold ideas. Scientists must submit their ideas as exhaustive grant proposals, which go through a rigorous review process and are evaluated by the highest measure of excellence. This process might exclude a certain class of breakthrough ideas that are unripe, too risky and even naive at first glance. 

The VILLUM Experiment is for the bold and radical new research idea that have difficulty fitting into the conventional peer-review funding system. This programme is open to active researchers of any age regardless of nationality.

The programme is created in support of exceptional research ideas that challenge norms and possess the potential to fundamentally alter our approach to key topics. The programme operates within curiosity-driven research. Spin-out technologies, commercialisation of products and the like are not within the scope of the programme.

To ensure that researchers dare to submit their most ambitious ideas without being pilloried by their academic peers who will be reviewing their proposal, applicants are anonymous to their reviewers. The grant amount is DKK 1-2m, which is to cover a research period of 1-2 years.

Please note: Application deadline has passed (1 February 2017). Reply date is 1 June 2017. We have received 349 applications.

See the latest call

Next call for applications will be in November 2017. Deadline for applications will be 1 February 2018.