Over time, we have contributed to a range of programmes, all of which have furthered our goal of fostering world-class research. 

Villum Kann Rasmussen Chair

In 2012, VILLUM FONDEN endowed a permanent chair at the Niels Bohr Institute.

Former Harvard professor Charles Marcus is head of the Center for Quantum Devices and currently holds the Villum Kann Rasmussen Chair.

Questions concerning this programme should be directed to research director Thomas Sinkjær. 

Annual Award

The annual award is given to a Danish researcher in recognition of a particularly valuable contribution to the technical and natural sciences.

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Inactive programmes

Visiting professor

The VILLUM Visiting Professor programme was established with the purpose of strengthening research and education in Denmark. Grants which in 2015-2016 constituted a total allocations fund of DKK 20 million have attracted leading international professorial capacities for visits of 2-6 months at a Danish research institution.

The programme expires with the grants for 2015-2016. Ongoing grants will be completed as planned.




In 2011, VILLUM FONDEN took the initiative for strengthening the physical framework conditions for science and technology research in Denmark.
The Danish universities and research institutions were invited to submit proposals for prospective large-scale research infrastructures. 

Following evaluation of proposals, dialogue with applicants and the assistance of international peer reviewers, at the end of 2012 and start of 2013, the VILLUM FONDEN Board reached the decision to make three grants of DKK 60-75 million each. More information about these grants is provided here.

There are no specific plans for a new application round for large-scale research infrastructures, and applications may be submitted by invitation only.

Research projects

We have formerly funded stand-alone, specific research projects. The funds cover salaries for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers together with running costs, travel and major equipment procurements, and may be applied for by tenured researchers at Danish universities and research institutions. 

The Programme expired in January 2016

Centres of Excellence

VILLUM FONDEN seeks to strengthen the best science and technology research environments in Denmark by means of large framework grants. Over time, these grants have been awarded for Centres of Excellence; interdisciplinary institutions without walls.

The Programme expired in 2016 and the aim is for the new VILLUM Investigators programme to replace the Centres of Excellence programme. For this reason, we urge prospective new applicants for Centres of Excellence to await notice of the application deadline for VILLUM Investigators.


The Postdoc programme was designed to support research-based further education of young, talented researchers at Danish or foreign universities. Equally, we wish to strengthen the opportunities for strong Danish research environments to recruit especially competent postdoctoral researchers, regardless of nationality.

The programme expired in autumn 2016. Ongoing grants will be completed as planned.

Outreach and education

The objective of the programme is to promote youth interest in science and technology and safeguard the new generation's general, technical and natural science education. The programme is now an integrted part of the grant area 'Children, Youth and Science'.