VELUX FONDEN is interested in encouraging senior citizens to remain active after they stop working. We do this through supporting outreach and dialogue.

The foundation’s grants in this area have been made to a broad range of projects. Individual senior citizens (people over 60) or groups of senior citizens who are actively involved in projects that benefit society can apply for grants. One area we prioritise is “seniors helping seniors”, in which financially secure senior citizens invite less fortunate seniors to take part in their activities. In addition, the foundation works to establish partnerships with national organisations. The aim of doing so is to come into contact with senior citizens.

Projects receiving funding in the past have included book publishing and establishment of a spinning centre for senior citizens.

This is how we work

THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS’ secretariat receive a large number of applications from active senior citizens each year. The applicants may be individuals, or they may consist of smaller groups of seniors.

We distinguish between applications below and over DKK 150.000, as they are handled differently.


The secretariat has the mandate to recommend grants below DKK 150.000. The recommendations will be endorsed and confirmed by the chairman.

The grants cover the expenses connected to activities for the senior citizens, e.g. printing, purchasing of spinning bikes, rowing boats and IT equipment.
Our processing time will typically be a couple of months.


Applications from senior citizen that exceed DKK 150.000 will need to be presented to the Board of The VELUX FOUNDATION. The Board typically have six annual meetings.

Within this category grants may cover building renovations and larger purchases.

Our processing time will typically be 2-6 months.

How to apply
When you decide to submit an application, we recommend that you have all required information available before starting the process.

  • A comprehensive description and a specified budget for the project you intend to apply for
  • A list with names and age of the involved senior citizens who are playing an active role, along with a description of their specific activities within the project you intend to apply for
  • If you apply on behalf of an association/society/organisation, you will need to include the statutes and the most recent annual report
  • We need basic contact information for your organisation along with CVR-number and an indication if you are VAT-registered (momsregistreret)
  • Have you, or any of your co-applicants, previously received a grant from The VELUX FOUNDATION?
  • Do you submit your application to other foundations – if you already did, we need to know the result.


Supported projects:

Danish Food Bank and elderly volunteer drivers is a good cocktail

Integration of refugees in a Frederiksberg neighbourhood

Activity centre refurbished and officially opened at Tinglev

Contact us


Frank Ulmer Jørgensen
Senior Adviser, Head of programme, VELUX FONDEN
+ 45 29 41 81 35