VELUX FONDEN makes grants to gerontology research projects that contribute to improving the quality of life for senior citizens.

Aging research is one of the foundation’s priority areas. In 2018, the foundation has dedicated DKK 20 mill to the area.

We want to give researchers the best conditions to create novel research. Either through postdoctoral fellowships or grants to established research groups. 

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It is important that our grants in gerontology create research that is useful to both senior citizens, the social and health care sectors and decision-makers.

We always welcome major national projects in gerontology research.

Focus areas:

Rehabilitation of the elderly

VELUX FONDEN wants to strengthen research in rehabilitation of the elderly significantly. This is done through grants to postdoctoral fellowships particularly in the areas of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

The projects must include issues of relevance to elderly patients and their relatives. It is thus a precondition that patients or their relatives are actively involved in the research process.

VELUX FONDEN gives priority to projects in which the rehabilitation intervention is interdisciplinary, e.g. projects may comprise sociological, biological and mental health aspects, as well as projects that takes place across the primary and secondary sectors.

Until now, five postdoctoral fellowships regarding rehabilitation of the elderly have been granted.

Do you have an idea for a project?

Please note: Deadline for letters of interest was 17 January 2018 at 12 noon.

Please see lastest guidelines for a letter of interest here (in Danish)

Research in humanities and in aging

As people live longer and the birth rates fall, the number of elderly people become a still larger proportion of the population. This is a challenge to our healthcare system, and it will require new and innovative solutions.

To gain new perspectives on aging research, VELUX FONDEN will seek to promote collaboration on equal terms between researchers and stakeholders within gerontology and the humanities.

We, therefore, wish to benefit from our very diverse grant areas, which provides a special opportunity to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing between research in human science and in aging.

Read more about VELUX FONDEN's interdisciplinary programme here.

Senior citizens with cancer

VELUX FONDEN wants to strengthen research in quality of life, improved treatment and survival of senior citizens with cancer.

Cancer in the elderly is an area that requires greater focus since the risk of getting cancer increases with age. Today, cancer is the leading cause of death in Denmark.

Most studies and treatments on cancer have focused on young patients. There is a need for knowledge of how to treat senior citizens with cancer optimally.

We always welcome research projects on cancer in the elderly. 

Senior citizens and medicine

VELUX FONDEN wants to strengthen research in dilemmas and inappropriate medication among senior citizens.

Old people with multiple medications often have several diseases and are being treated by both their family physician and one or more specialists. It can create doubt and uncertainty about who is responsible for the patient's overall medication use.

In addition, the medication is typically not tested on old frail people. And there is a lack of knowledge about how the different kinds of medication work together.

In 2017, VELUX FONDEN has allocated DKK 4 m for projects in which researchers, in collaboration with family physicians or municipalities, develop interventions regarding the elderly and their use of medicine. 

We always welcome research projects in which specific hypothesis on the use of multiple medications by senior citizens is tested in the Danish registers and quality databases. Likewise we are also interested in research projects on the mapping of the problem or of existing knowledge in the area.

Call for applications

Please note: Deadline for application was 21 November 2017 at 1 pm.

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Ageing research and the VELUX FONDEN

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