Latest news

VILLUM FONDEN has appointed Agi Csonka to spearhead a new grant area focusing on children, young people and natural science.
Five new projects will focus on the balance of the marine ecosystem. All five projects gather and combine existing knowledge about the marine environment - across research fields and across different interests.
VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN have handed a book focusing on the Danish-French artistic relations in the period of absolute monarchy in Denmark to H.M. The Queen and H.R.H. Prince Henrik.
VILLUM FONDEN's new grant area will focus on increasing children and young people´s education, interest and competence within science and technology.
VILLUM FONDEN supports 39 unorthodox researchers who each have submitted their wildest project idea.
Within the first two years, the international environment foundation has supported more than 90 projects actively working to deal with man-made climate change.